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quote1This has changed my clients’ lives for the better. They have never owned a bike. Now two kids can make childhood memories with their bikes. They wanted me to come see them ride their bikes. It’s nice to see them so happy. Lisa Talbot, Aboriginal Healthy Baby, Healthy Children Coordinator, Métis Nation of Ontario.

A child gets a gently used bike that they would otherwise not receive. The bike isn’t tossed into the landfill; the donor learns important life lessons of giving and benevolence…donating was a win-win-win decision. Todd and son Wesley of Whitby. Wesley found MFW online and was directly involved in the donation of his bike.

A grade 10 student from Bayview Glen high school, Sabrina, profiled MFW for her Youth Philanthropy Initiative project and writes “I love how once you have outgrown a bike it doesn’t get thrown away. You can give it to someone who really needs it. Children get their first bike and can explore more independently!”

Cathy Del Mei, School Social Worker, Toronto, searching for a bike for a student who experienced many hardships throughout his young life, wrote “This bike is not just about play or exercise; for this boy it means independence, hope, confidence and a sense of community. I can’t thank you enough for your hard work and dedication in providing a bike to this young man. It did not go unnoticed and is very much appreciated.”

I like that those in need receive the bikes, that I was able to clear out my garage and to know the bikes were not just going to be trash, and that I could use this as an opportunity to teach my daughter about charitable giving….and that though it is hard to give away precious things that we no longer use, that there are others who would appreciate it and be so very happy by her generous spirit. Making the decision to donate the bikes was an easy one. Audrey DeZwirek and her daughter donated two bikes. Audrey is also an active “friend-raiser” spreading the word for us. Go Audrey!

It feels good to be able to pass on bikes so that other children might derive the same enjoyment our kids did.Debbie L. donated two bikes.

My fondest childhood memories are of times when I would hop on my bike and just take off. No sense of time. Just pure freedom. It was the most exciting and liberating time. Every child deserves to experience the freedom a bike brings. My kids are so thrilled to have been a part of this.Laura Beck and her kids donated two bikes


We use the bikes we receive as incentives to motivate community youth to participate in our recreational programs where we provide a safe and positive environment for them to grow and develop as young adults…. As bikes are their primary mode of transportation throughout the neighbourhood, this program has proven to be very beneficial when it comes to addressing the needs of the community. Elmbank Community Centre

As a social worker, I regularly deal with the sheer poverty and the struggles it creates within a family unit…this can have a great impact on the child’s social and emotional well being, affecting academic success. To be given a bike…oh what a luxury!  It would provide a sense of freedom, promote physical activity and connect kids to their community by allowing them to have positive interactions outside with their peers.  All of this and more from an inspirational and ingenious grassroots charitable organization as My first wheels. Sonia Stefanutti, MSW, RSW, School Social Worker and active “friend-raiser”




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