We take trikes and bikes from 12" to 22"

We take trikes and bikes from 12″ to 22″

All bikes are checked against our guidelines, in person.

We do not do any repairs or replace parts.

We can only accept bikes that are like-new:

– Looks like new, works like new
– Wheel sizes from 12” to 20” (displayed on rubber part of tire rim as “12X” up to “20X”)
– Less than 5 years old (older bikes are ok if still in excellent, like-new condition)

Every child deserves a bike they can be proud of.

We appreciate all offers but we cannot take:

– Adult bikes (22″ and up – displayed on tire rim)
– Rusty bikes – wheels or frame
– Bikes with noticeable chips, dents or scratches
– No broken, cracked or missing parts (including chain guards, bells, baskets, air valves)
– No torn or peeling seats
– No cracked tires (tires that just need air are ok)
– Bikes more than 5 years old (unless it is still in excellent, like-new condition)

These guidelines help to make sure that we don’t receive bikes that cannot be donated.